Contact Details

The receptionists have a good overview of medical related items but cannot be expected to advise on medical care or treatment. They are kept busy, but if you have any relevant questions or queries please discuss the matter with them.

Nursing staff assist the doctors whenever required as well as sterilising equipment, carrying out various procedures such as recording ECGs, audiometry, dressings, injections, pathology collection and triaging patients who present to the surgery or telephone for assistance. They are also available for phone advice to assist with minor problems. They cannot be expected to diagnose problems and prescribe treatment. They may be performing other duties and the reception staff may have to organise for them to call you back. Bearing these facts in mind, please feel free to ring and discuss any problems with them. There is no charge for this service but it is strictly limited to regular patients of this practice.

Doctors and Advice

Doctors do not routinely take phone calls as they are usually consulting and doing so would interfere with other patients consultion and potentially care. If you require medical advice please call and speak to our nurse on duty, who is able to relay your message to the doctor for advice. Please be aware the doctor may ask you to come in for an appointment to discuss your issue, call you back or relay a message through our friendly nursing staff.


+61 (07) 4773 3033

Snail Mail:

28 Bamford Lane
Kirwan, Queensland, Australia. 4817

Other Contact Details:

Drs Mackay & Daniell (Quacks @ Bamford Lane)
Phone: +61 (07) 4773 3033
No routine email contact

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